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The outdoor playground, the entrance tent & the big top (Big Circus Tent) on our farm offers the best safe environment during Covid19. Kids are under constant supervision. We have many years of experience. Kids enjoy being in- and outdoors and learn about nature, farming and team building regardless of the theme of the camp. They have fun and enjoy learning trough play and participation. For more information & registration click on button below:



Practice, playtime, water sprinkle- time on a hot day, guided walks on the farm, train ride and show time!  

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Summer Camp 2021:

Farm Ayr's Circus camp caught our attention, always driving by seeing the big tent. My 4 year old son was still in preschool at the time but needed something new in his routine. We signed him up for a week and it was the best decision we made. He was shy at first but everyone was so friendly and approachable he quickly warmed up. He enjoyed training in the tent as well as lots of breaks to play and eat outside. He came home tired each day which also made us all really happy. This camp is so unique and allowed him to do things he wouldn't normally do in other play, such as type rope walk and hang off of a trapeze. He was brave enough to perform in the show as well and we were so impressed to see what he could do. It built confidence in him and exposed him to something out of his comfort zone and that also really helped his transition to JK. 

We still talk about circus camp as it left such an impression on him. He is excited and registered again for this summer and very much looking forward to it. We highly recommend it. Especially for those active kids who bounce off the walls.


Summer Camp 2019:

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of this boy. This week he experienced the incredible Farm Ayr circus camp and today we had the pleasure of watching him and... his friends perform the Kids Dream Circus. Not only was I floored by all the skills he’d learned, I was blown away by the things most people take for granted. Taking someone else’s hand, stumbling and getting back up again, trusting others and most importantly believing in himself ❤️ #farmayr #kidsdreamcircus


We were absolutely stunned by the kids’ performance, what a proud moment for all of us. For us as parents of a child with special needs it really was incredible to see him so involved and included. Thank you so much for giving him that opportunity!


Our daughter attended the week long camp at FARM AYR.

The Circus theme was amazing! While in an enormous circus tent

with full lighting and sound system-the  children learned acting/comedic timing, how to become plate spinners, trapeze artists and various other circus acts. They put on a remarkable show at the end of the week for parents. It was a very positive experience-she learned a lot and helped her confidence. Thomas and Heather provided a friendly, safe and educational week for our daughter. I would highly recommend Farm Ayr camp!