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Picnic Time at FARM AYR or in your lounge or backyard at home!

Enjoy a Picnic at home or at FARM AYR (open June - Oct)! Reserve a beautiful Picnic site with a picnic table under a tree or a table in the entrance tent on our farm for your whole family! Kids are welcome to explore our playground. We also offer train and tractor rides - tickets are available at the ticket office. 

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure all products are nut free, however some products may contain traces of nuts. Products are sealed and labeled - please read contents. Pick up or delivery options are available (time to be pre booked). Delivery charge is $10 within 20km. All prices exclude H.S.T. Please note that basket are for display purposes only and are not included. 

Select picnic and delivery option in shopping cart and complete the booking form: 



Picnic for 2 adults for only $99.00 

Ellagant Essentials hand crafted Cinnamon Soap included!

- Grapes or other seasonal fruit

- 2 Baby Bell Cheese

- 2 Mini Brie Cheese 

- Gouda Cheese

- 2 Laughing Cow Cheese

- Blue Cheese (180gr.)

- Canadian Cheese (200gr) 

- Olives

- Melba Toast & 1 French Loaf

- Potato Salad (450gr)

- Pepperoni Sticks (75gr)

- Salami (70gr)

- Ham Pâté

- Red pepper dip & 1 other dip, i.e. guacamole (210gr)

- Ham (70gr)

- Dessert (Chocolate or Chocolate Brownies)

- 1 Bottle of Sparkling Cider (no alcohol)

- Includes 1 reusable basket or container

Picnic for 1 Child (or more in addition to Picnic for 2 adults- see above)  $12.00

- 1 box for 1 child with ham, cheese, crackers & grapes   

- 1 packets of Lay's chips

- Dessert for 1 child (i.e. Chocolates or Chocolate Brownies)

- 1 Fruit Juice

Birthday Party Special for at home - The Circus comes to...... your home! 

Book the Picnic for 2 adults and a picnic for 1 child or more or a minimum of 10 Picnics for kids only and you will receive the following Birthday Party package for only $10.00  

- Instructions to 3 Circus participation games to play indoors at         home 

1hr 30min. Movie - Live show of our "Canadian Dream Circus"

Please note: Nuts and basket are for display only and not included

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