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Do you have invitations ready to send out?

No, we do not have party invitations to send out.

How many adults can attend with the kids?

All adults are encouraged to stay and watch the kids perform under the big top.

Is there an admission fee?

Admission is free to FARM AYR.

What is the suitable age for kids to participate?

The Kids Dream Circus (participation in the ring) is suitable for kids of 4 to 12 years of age.

How long does the participation activity (Kids Circus) in the ring under the big top take?

Birthday Party kids are supervised in the ring for approx. 1 to 1hour 15 min.

Can the parents of the kids attending the Birthday party, stay for the entire time or is

drop off preferred?  

The parents are encouraged to stay and watch the kid’s participate in the Circus.

The more parents and family members the better.

Are parents allowed to take pictures or to take a video?

Yes.  Please encourage everyone to post pictures (preferably not videos) on social media.  

What is the dress code for kids?

We encourage kids to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend no logos on

T- shirts or hoodies. Skirts are not suitable i.e., on the trapeze. Kids should not wear any hats or peak caps during the activity in the ring in the tent.

How many adults do you recommend be in attendance to assist with the party?

We have had parties with only the parents of the birthday child attending and we have had parties with 30 and more adults. This is totally up to you.

Will the kids be providing a show (like camp) or just learning the activities?

We will do the show! However, it is spontaneous as kids have never learnt anything before. We show the kids what to do. There will be “easy” things for all kids and more challenging activities for others.

What time does the activity take place in the big top (tent)?

For private parties we typically start the activity in the tent (ring) 30 Minutes after the starting

time of the booked party.

After the activity in the main tent (about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 Min.) kids and parents move        

to the reserved table in the entrance tent where they eat.  

Optional rides will be done either before or after eating at our discretion

Can I come and set up the reserved table in the entrance tent before the party starts?

We allow you to come and set up your table 15 Min. before the party starts. 

Will there be other parties in the entrance tent?

We only allow two party tables in the large entrance tent.

How big are the tables and do they have table cloths?

The tables are approx. 6ft x 2ft.long. We set up the number of tables and chairs depending on the number of kids booked. Please note there are no table cloths. Please bring your own.

May I decorate the table etc.?

Yes, we allow decoration in the entrance tent. However, we do not allow and staples or sticky tape on the walls and side poles of the tent as this damages the paint and material.

Please note that all decorations need to be removed by the time the party ends. 

Do I have access with my car to the entrance tent?

No. No cars are allowed to enter the premises during opening hours.

Cars are to be parked on the hayfield. The walking distance to the entrance tent is approx. 50M


How much you are going to charge for extra kid?

Up to 15 kids are within the booked party. The charge for additional kids (as from 16 kids)

is CAD 12 plus H.S.T. per child.

Do you count 2yrs old kids or adults? 

We do not charge for kids not participating in the ring up to 3years of age.

There is no charge for adults

When is payment due?

In order to secure your party, we need a deposit of 50% once the party date and time is confirmed by FARM AYR. The balance is payable at least 14 days prior the date of your party.

Who and how do I pay?

An Invoice will be sent to you at the time of your reservation.Cheques must be made out to:

Tours & Events Unlimited Inc.

We prefer e mail payments:

E Mail address:


We also accept cheques and cash payments. For cash payments, please make arrangements with us, thank you. Please note prices do not include H.S.T.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sorry absolutely no refunds.


Could you explain more about the birthday package please?

We offer you a Birthday Party Menu with a great choices. Menu is available on request.

Does the food choice need to be pre ordered?

Yes, we need the food order for the kids of the party at least 14 days prior the party’s date.

Catering request received within 14 days prior the party’s date will be possible, subject to availability.

Do you supply the paper plates, napkins, etc or do you expect us to provide for the attendees?

FARM AYR Kitchen & Patio will be open. We will provide everything that is purchased from us. The exception is for your own birthday party cake, you will need to bring plates, napkins etc.  

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, we allow you to bring your own cake. Please note you will have to bring your own

knife, paper plates and napkins for the cake only.

If parents stay, do they have access to purchase food?

FARM AYR Kitchen will be open.

There are beverages (i.e., coffee, tea and cold beverages) available. 

We also offer chips, muffins, Ice creams and a great selection of food from hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled sandwiches. 


What rides are suitable for adults?

Parents are welcome to purchase tickets (same price as a kid) for the Tractor Wagon Ride.

We allow a max of 3 adults on the train (same price as a kid).

Kids up to 2 years do not pay for rides but must be accompanied by an adult.

Do we need to pre book the train/wagon rides?

You can pay cash on the day- tickets are available at the concession trailer.

However, you can pre purchase the tickets and benefit from a discount.

How much are the tickets for the Train or Tractor– Wagon Rides?

Tickets are available for CAD 2.65 plus H.S.T. (CAD 3.00 incl. H.S.T.) payable in cash.

Pre- booked and paid tickets are available for CAD 2.00 incl. H.S.T.

Please note prepaid tickets are non refundable.

If kids want another ride, are there additional tickets available for purchase?

Can parents purchase tickets to go on the rides as well?

Yes, tickets are available at the concession trailer.

Do I really need the rides to make the party a success?

We hosted many parties for many years without offering our rides.

The playground and the activity plus your time at the reserved table in the entrance tent

Is enough to make the party a great fun event!

However, it is entirely up to you to add more attraction to your birthday party.